Is there glitter dust in my kitchen

Is there glitter dust in my kitchen?

Beatrice Winkel - Is there glitter dust in my kitchen?
Is there glitter dust in my kitchen?


Usually I write here about delicious recipes and show you pictures of food. But the last week was a bit strange and I think it is important to mention it... it was so bizarre.


It all started on Wednesday morning.



My Wednesday morning began with a little bit of chaos in my kitchen. The fruits in my veggi-corner had changed order. (I store my fruits and vegetable in a dark corner of my kitchen.) But on Wednesday I wanted to prepare my breakfast and saw that the fruits and vegetable were scattered over the whole worktop. This wasn´t the way I had left my kitchen on Tuesday evening.... or had I?


While I was putting all vegetables away, I noticed that the raspberries were missing. But I knew I had reserved some for my breakfast on Wednesday morning. But they were no longer there.


Had I eaten them the evening before? Or had I gotten hungry the night before, plundered my kitchen and lost my memory? It was very curious.


Maybe I should just take a vacation ;)


I put my thoughts aside and had a nice day.



Thursday morning began the same as the day before. The veggi-corner had been ransacked again. This time the blueberries were missing. Oh boy... do I sleepwalk and plunder my kitchen? It could be possible. Maybe I should eat more in the evenings, so I don´t get hungry at night.


On Thursday evening I ate twice what I usually eat and went to bed with a really full stomach.



Beatrice Winkel - grapes with bitemarks
Are these bite marks? Could it be?


Are there bite marks on this picture? Has someone nibbled at the grapes? Or is it just my imagination? This is not the size of my mouth.


Do I have mice or something else? Oh boy... please, don´t! That would be horrible...


My Friday morning started even worse than I had thought it would. So I needed a walk and to get some fresh air.


On the way I met the caretaker. He was worked up about the waste room (the bins of my neighbours and me stand in a separate room of a house). That was fantastic! I went to the caretaker and started a conversation. After a few sentences about waste I turned the discussion to mice and if mice had ever been in the houses. Sadly his face became angrier and he mumbled something about vermin. Ooops... so this wasn´t a good idea. Usually he is very friendly, but I think cleanliness is too important to him. The happy end was, mice had never been in the houses. Good to know.


Back at home I started research about sleepwalking, mice, bugs and so on...


My conclusions about mice, bugs and other vermin: If there were some little animals at my home, than there would be other signs, like faeces, dead bugs, larvae and other things like that. I scanned everything thoroughly, but I didn’t find anything. On the pro side: my flat was especially clean afterwards. It had probably never been that clean before. So there were no vermin. But that means sleepwalking was more likely.


So after a long research about sleepwalking my conclusion is that I did not sleepwalk. Nevertheless, I put water bowls all around my bed this evening. Just to make sure ;)



The good news: I hadn´t sleepwalked. The water was still in all of the bowls and in the flat were no dried water-foodprints. But of course I started my day by forgetting about the bowls and stepping in one of them. So my day started with an unwanted cold footbath.


With wet feet I walked through my flat checking if there were dried water foodprints. I guess it looked funny ;) But I didn’t find any footprint. In the kitchen the veggie-corner looked like I had left it in the evening. But this time something sparkled. SPARKLED? In my kitchen? I had to look twice. Actually in my kitchen was glitter dust! Yes, glitter dust! I repeat again... GLITTER DUST! I have no idea how this got into my kitchen, it was really strange...


Beatrice Winkel - Is there glitter dust in my kitchen?
Is there glitter dust in my kitchen?

After all I knew one thing: I never had a morning with wet feet and glitter dust in my kitchen before. I was really curios what would happen the next days. Tomorrow, maybe a pink elephant will welcome me with a "Yeah, how´s it going?" in my kitchen. Then I should probably go see a doctor :) or start writing books. That’d be the limit ;)


Whatever it had been, it was over. On Sunday morning were no wet feet, no nibbled off fruits, no missing food, no mixed up veggie-corner AAAANNNNDDDD no pink elephants. So, everything seemed to be all right...



Until now everything is all right. Now it is early in the evening and since Saturday morning everything is calm. But I do not trust this peace and I am still concerned about the glitter dust and the nibbled fruits. I hope I will solve that mystery soon, since I do not feel comfortable with all these events of the last days.


Well, I will just try to have a nice and relaxing week. Maybe nothing else will happen.


I hope you’ll have a great week ;)


Best wishes


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