the interview with a fairy

The interview with a fairy:

Die Fee Trixilie


Last week, we showed you how Trixilie became visible. Today we present her personal interview :)




Bea: Trixilie, please introduce yourself.


Trixilie: Okay. My name is Trixilie and I am a fairy from Berrytholdy. I am 5 years old and looking for a new home. My parents have thrown me out of the family book. That´s why I like you to draw me a book for myself.


Aha... Where exactly is Berrytholdy and do only fairies like yourself live there?


Berrytholdy is a country in which everything consists of fruits and vegetables, so we fairies could eat and nibble all day long. That is a lot of fun.


Yes, only fairies live in Berrytholdy.


How do you get to Berrytholdy?


With books. Every fairy is thrown out of the family book when they turn five and have to look for their own book. Some find a new book really fast. Others have to have someone paint and craft one. And some fairies don´t find a book and live in plants. That is okay, but it is more beautiful in books.


Isn´t it a bit young to look for an own book at the age of 5?


After this question Trixilie laughed a while. Laughing fairies look really cute ;)


These are not human years, Trixilie laughed again... 5 fairy years are 50 human years... at least for the fairies from Berrytholdy.


Aha... and how long do fairies live?


300 years or 500 fairy years.


And why are you with me now?


Because you are drawing books with food.


Is it your first time in the human world?




And how did you come into the human world?


That is a secret. Trixilie giggles


I accept that. What do you know about the human world and where do you get that from?


I don´t know a lot about humans. Some other fairies told me, that humans are sometimes friendly and sometimes bad. Some humans believe in fairies and others don´t. An old fairy who is living in a tree nearby your home told me, that you are friendly, watch a lot of fairytales, cooks a lot and draw books with food. That is why I am here with you.


Ooookaaayyyy... so I am observed by a fairy? That is a bit spooky.


Trixilie smiles


No, that is not spooky. The fairy don´t observe you. She just saw some things, when she flew across your windows.


Are there a lot of fairies in the human world?


That is a secret.


Okay, back to the book. You would like me to draw a book for you. What kind of book do you like to have?


Yes. A book with a looooooot of raspberries, blueberries, carrots, spinach, radish, oranges, limes, cucumbers, tomatoes, mints...


I interrupt Trixilie in her list.


So a book with a lot of fruits and vegetables. You mean a cook book?


No cook book. A book, that is an entryway to Berrytholdy.


I don´t understand that.


I mean a book that... Trixilies legs are swinging and she consider for a while, what she should say...


I mean a book, in which there is a bed built of carrots and pineapples for example. A book with an orange bathtub. A book with a pumpkin house.


Aha... so a really colourful book in which everything is built out of fruits and vegetables.


Yes, as colourful as me.


Uhm... You are black and white. I thought colourful has more colours than black and white, am I right?


Trixilie starts laughing again, rolling from one side to the other. It is really cute to see her...


Fairies are all colourful. When a human really sees a fairy, then he or she gives the fairy the colour he or she wants.


little note: I needed a moment to understand the answer. Somehow very philosophical answer... but I digress, back to Trixilie.


How is that possible?


We fairies from Berrytholdy consist of glitter dust.


The dust I had found in the kitchen?


Yes, I had sneezed.




The glitter dust shows you the colour, which you like to give me. The light goes through us and shows you, what you like to see. Therefore, we have no shadow.


little note: It is totally right. This little fairy has no shadow! I just realized this at the interview.


Okay, back to the book (I was a bit nervous and confused about the whole glitter dust and colours thing) - How big should it be? I mean you should fit in it.


And she laughs again... she seems to be a happy being ;)


I can adapt my size.  Look! Trixilie stand up and changed her size with her magic wand. I think her size was between 5 and 20cm. But I am not quite sure, because she changed her size really fast. Sometimes I like to be taller and sometimes I like to be smaller. That´s a lot of fun.


I was amazed again....


Okay Trixilie, I summaries: You like to have a book which is an entryway to Berrytholdy. In this book everything should be built with fruits and vegetables and it is black and white, so that the viewer gives everything he or she sees the desired color, right?




And when I have finished this book, you will move into the book. And until then you are living at my home?




Okay, let´s start ;)




Trixilie and I had a lot of fun with this interview.


Next week, you will get a new report about our newest adventures ;)


Best wishes

Trixilie and Bea


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