Pigs in Berlin

Pigs in Berlin

Beatrice Winkel - Trixilie und Piggy
Trixilie and Piggy


A few days ago, Bea and I had a photo session in Berlin. That means we went through Berlin´s parks and took photos of every beautiful place, thing or being. On our way we found this magical lake:


Beatrice Winkel - der magische See
der magische See


It is in the middle of the Tiergarten (a huge park in Berlin) and when you stand in front of this lake you have a great view and a really busy road behind you. That´s so typical and interesting of Berlin, a lot of contrasts create the picture of this big city - loud and silent places, colorful and grey buildings, fast and slow moods...


And this special place is silent surrounded by loud traffic. The lake itself is surrounded by loud people, trees standing silently and walking humans and a pig. Yes a pig. I was really surprised. Even in Berlin a pet pig is very rare. The pig came along with a man. Or did the man come along with the pig? But the man waited much more for the pig than the pig for the man.


The pig was sooooo cuuuute. It was pink with black spots, snuffled every plant and person on its way and made an oink-sound... hihihihi... I flew to the pig and tickled it under the chin. It seemed it liked my tickle, it raised up its head and oinked much more :) Another man came to the pig and started to tickle its back. He asked a lot of questions to the owner of the pig, but he seemed to be annoyed. He answered curtly and pulled the pig lead, but the pig didn´t want to move. She (the pig owner said that the pig is a she and her name is Piggy...hihiihi...) enjoyed the tickle from the man and me. After a while Piggy ran suddenly to the pig owner and both ran away. Wow, pigs can be really fast. I flew back to Bea and we enjoyed the view of this beautiful place.


Beatrice Winkel - Trixilie und Piggy
Trixilie and Piggy


That night, I dreamt about Piggy in the park. It was a wonderful dream - she was as big as I am, we ate a lot of vegetables, had some races, laid in the sun, swam in the magical lake and I tickled her.


As a memory of this special day and my lovely dream, Bea drew this Mini Comic:


Mini Comic - Trixilie and Piggy.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 685.6 KB


I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


Hugs and Kisses



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