vegan avocado hummus

green avocado hummus

veganer Avocado Hummus in green
Avocado Hummus


A delicious hummus in green :)



Ingredients for 2 person:


200g of white beans or chickpeas (precooked/canned)


1 tbsp. of tahini


1 avocado


2 tbsp. of olive oil


1 garlic clove


1/2 tsp. of salt


1 tbsp. of lemon juice


1 pinch of cumin


Avocado Hummus in green
a mean vampire - or a delicious avocado hummus




1. Drain the white beans / chickpeas and rinse. Place them in a food processor. Add peeled garlic.


2. Peel and remove the avocado stone. Place the avocado in the food processor. Add salt, cumin, tahini and lemon juice. Blend to a creamy purée. Turn out into serving dishes.


3. Enjoy your avocado hummus :)



Hugs and Kisses




vegan Avocado Hummus
Avocado Hummus

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