Which fruit and vegetable do you like

Which fruit and vegetable do you like


“I want to eat more fruit and vegetables!” I hear that sentence pretty often and I think you too. General, it is a nice wish. Although a lot of people have such a wish, most of them don’t realise it. That’s why I’ll show you (below) a few ideas, how you can integrate more fruit and vegetables in your daily life.


The wish to eat more fruit and vegetables is a bit unspecific and therefore difficult to realise. What do you mean with “more”? 2, 3, or 4 pieces every day? Or does “more” mean that you want to eat 3 different fruit and vegetables every day? And which sort of fruit and vegetable would that be? To many questions 😉 To make it easy, let’s go one step back.


What is your favourite fruit and vegetable?

Before you can decide what you want to eat in the future, it is helpful to see what have you eaten in the past and what do you eat in the present: Is there any fruit or vegetable which you really like to eat or which is your favourite fruit or vegetable? If you can answer the question then you can reach your “more” much easier.


For example: A few friends of mine had the same wish “We want to eat more fruit and vegetables!”. So they bought a lot of fruit and vegetable, put them in the kitchen and never touched it again until it became bad and they had to throw it away. Yes, they had the wish, and yes, they bought everything to fulfil their wish, but they never thought about what they really like to eat and what they want to cook.


So you are a bit better prepared to fulfil your wish to eat more fruit and vegetables.


I drew a list with a lot of fruit and vegetable – just for you. Just click on the picture and you can download it for free:


On the right hand side of the veggies you can write little notes. In the case one fruit or vegetable isn’t in the list you can draw, write or glue a picture into an empty space.


Ideas how you could use that fruit and vegetable list:

1. Idea: favourite fruit and vegetable


You could write if you like or don’t like the fruit or vegetable next to its picture. You could also write how you like to eat it: as a soup, casserole, muesli, smoothie or pure.


On your next shopping tour you can take the list with you. So you just buy the things you really like and which you will definitely eat.




2. Idea: How much do you want to eat


Next to the fruit and vegetable picture, you could also write a number how much of it you want to eat in one week.


On your next shopping tour you can take the list with you. So you know exactly how much you should buy from each fruit and vegetable.




3. Idea: Discover the taste of new fruit and vegetables


You could also use the list to mark which fruit and vegetable you don’t know yet, but you definitely want to taste. Perhaps you also write how you want to taste it: as a pasta sauce, barbeque, salad, etc.


In addition you look for a suitable recipe and you decide at which day you want to prepare and eat it. Then you buy all the ingredients and cook it. So you discover the taste of new fruit and vegetables – step by step. And “incidentally” you eat much more fruit and vegetables.




4. Idea: Who likes what?


That idea is for mummies and daddies: You could print a list for each of your family member. Everyone could create his or her own list and fix it on the fridge. Or of you use the same list and everyone write in his or her favourite colour if he or she likes the fruit or vegetable or dislike. You could use little symbols: e.g. +++ love it, ++ like it, + okay, - dislike it


That kind of shopping list helps you too. So you just buy and cook the fruit and vegetables which all of you like.




You see, there are a lot of opportunities, how you can sum up all the fruit and vegetables, which you like to eat. That is the basement to realise your wish “I want to eat more fruit and vegetables!”. But after all, don’t forget to enjoy to eat fruit and vegetables 😉


You can download the PDF-file for free. Just click on the picture and it will open:


Favourite Fruits and Veggies.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 451.5 KB

I wish you lots of fun with it. If you like you can send the link of that article or the PDF to a person who also enjoy and need it 😉


Hugs and Kisses


P.S.: Do you know the week meal plans? They help you to eat a lot of fruit and vegetables for a whole week. You just need to shop and cook once a week and you can eat three delicious meals every day. Read more about it!


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