The apple flowers

The apple flowers

Beatrice Winkel - Trixilie and the apple flowers
Trixilie and the apple flowers


It is time for a bit of magic. The whole fairy world Berrytholdy is very magical, but some places are much more magical than others. I don’t know why they are much more magical. Perhaps because of their earth or the light or... I have no idea. It doesn’t matter for me. Important is that such places exist and all of us can visit them and enjoy their magic.


So let’s go to a very special magical place in Berrytholdy. It is a place with hundreds of apple flowers, relaxing silence, beautiful lights and amazing smells. We call it Apple Flower Ocean, because you can dive into their silence, lights and smells. That place is perfect for having picnics. We just sit between the apple flowers, eat our favourite fruit and vegetables or nibble the apple flowers... mmmmhhhh... delicious... Or we just lie on the ground, look into the sky and watch the stars, moon, sun and clouds.


It doesn´t matter at which time we visit that magical place, every time something beautiful happens. When it rains, we stand under the flowers. The rain drops fall on the flower leaves, run over them, absorb the taste of the apple and drop down into our mouths... mmmhhh... delicious again...


When the sun shines on the apple flowers they start to shine warmly yellow and they smell deliciously sweet. The smell of the flowers is generally delicious, but with the sun light they smell much more intensive.


At night, when the moon shines on them, they shimmer in a cold white blue and when the star light touches their surface, they start to glitter and glimmer. It is just breathtakingly beautiful. Perhaps that’s why that place is so silent, because no one can talk without breath... hihihihihiihiii...


Ohh... I haven´t mentioned the magical earth. It is very soft and tender earth, but still strong enough so we can walk, lie and dance on it. Yes, we dance between the flowers. Every time we dance with the apple flowers, we leave footprints in the earth. We call them dancing marks. After a while the dancing marks disappear and the earth looks like no one ever touched it – very magical.


Another very magical joy is the sparkle of the apple flower seeds. They are black or brown and sparkle just a bit, but still beautiful. From time to time we collect them and create necklaces out of them. First we tie a knot in one end of the thread, then we thread the other end of the thread into the eye of a needle. Then we take one apple seed, prick with the needle into the apple seed and thread it onto the thread. Once all of the apple seeds are threaded on, the two ends of the thread are knotted together. These apple seed necklaces are so beautiful and sparkle just a bit.


How do I look with my apple seed necklace?


Beatrice Winkel - Trixilie and her apple seed necklace
Trixilie and her apple seed necklace


If you like, you can create an apple seed necklace too. Every time you eat an apple, you can collect the apple seed in a box or glass. When you have a lot of the apple seeds, you can start to thread all the apple seeds. Perhaps you can send a picture of your apple seed necklace to beatrice @ I would love to place your picture on our instagram page and pinterest board.


In case you don´t want to eat all the apples pure, here is a delicious idea how to eat an apple in aonther way – prepare a carrot apple smoothie... mmmhhhh... delicious. You just need a few ingredients and that Mini Colouring Recipe. You can download it for free and print it as often as you like. After you print it, you can fold it into a cute mini recipe book and colour it.


Just click on that picture and the pdf file will open:


Carrot Apple Smoothie Mini Recipe.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 404.7 KB


Hugs and Kisses



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