Trixilie’s Bathing Oasis

Trixilie’s Bathing Oasis

Beatrice Winkel - Trixilie’s Bathing Oasis
Trixilie’s Bathing Oasis


I already showed you the water place in my pear home. But we fairies also have a very magical water place in Berrytholdy. It is close by a river and we call it Bathing Oasis.


In the Bathing Oasis are huge pineapples, a lot of orange tubs, a cherry floor, an apple flower sun and a lot of different herbs and flowers... what a wonderful place. You can see all the details on that picture:

Beatrice Winkel - Trixilie’s Bathing Oasis
Trixilie’s Bathing Oasis


The Bathing Oasis is not only a place to clean ourselves, it is more a place to spend time together, talk, create new ideas, share adventures and laugh a lot 😊 We just sit in the bathtubs enjoy the warmth of the water and the scent of the herbs and talk, giggle and relax.


Above the Bathing Oasis is a huge apple flower. I already told you something about the apple flower place. The most apple flowers are at this apple flower place, but not all. Some of them decided to be at another place in Berrytholdy. It seems they do whatever they want to do 😊 So one of these apple flowers is above our Bathing Oasis and we are very happy about that. It reflects the light of the sun and spend us warmth and light.


The floor of the Bathing Oasis is full of cherries. It reminds us to walk slowly - otherwise we would slip and fall.


The huge pineapples are our dressing rooms. We open the hidden door, walk into the hollowed pineapple and close the door behind us. When we closed the door, the inner of the pineapple starts to glimmer and sparkle, so we have enough light to change our regular clothes into bathing clothes. Sometimes, after I changed my clothes, I just stand in the inner of the pineapple and enjoy the glimmer and sparkle. It is so beautiful and I always start to smile... hihihihihi... just magical... 😊


By the way: I have a cute bathing dress with a lot of cherries. It fits perfectly to the cherry floor... hihihihihi... Doesn’t it look cute? 

Beatrice Winkel - Trixilie in her bathing dress
Trixilie in her bathing dress


When all of the fairies wear their bathing clothes, we help each other to fill the bathtubs – therefore all fairies who want to take a bath walk to the river, take a bucket full of water, bring it to one of the orange tubs, fill the water into the tub and ask the apple flower sun to warm up the water. Therefore all fairies sing together: “Please, please little apple sun, warm up the water for a great fairy fun.” Then all fairies go back to the river, take a bucket of water again and fill another orange tub. We stop doing that when all fairies have an orange tub full of warm water.


As bathing ingredients we only use herbs like mint, thyme and oregano, or flowers like lavender, camomile and roses. It smells great and it is perfect for our skin and mood:

  • Mint and thyme helps to warm our cold hands and feet and helps to breathe easier
  • Oregano and lavender helps to relax, so we always go to bed after an oregano or lavender bath
  • Camomile and roses helps our skin to heal much better


So we sit in our orange tub, enjoy the warmth and the light of the apple flower sun, the warmth of the bathing water, the scent of our bathing ingredients and the stories and adventures of each other.


After we finished the bath, we oil our skin with olive oil or with sunflower seed oil... what a joy 😊 Finally we remove the water out of the orange tubs. Therefore we remove the plugs from the bathtubs and all the water runs out of the orange tubs between the cherries down to a lot of different sorts of stones and sand. After a while all the water is cleaned and it goes back to the river.


As you can see, the whole Bathing Oasis is much more than just cleaning the body. It is a place where we can connect to each other while we help each other to fill our orange tubs and share stories and adventures. But it also reminds us, that everything is also connected with us. We take the water out of the river, we use the water, then the water has to get cleaned and go back to the river.


If you like, you can create such a bathing experience, too. Just drop a few fresh or dried herbs or flowers in your bathing water and enjoy the scent.


Apropos scent: Bea and I created a free Mini Colouring Recipe for you with the main ingredients of the Bathing Oasis – cherries, orange and mint. So you can create a delicious Cherry Orange Yoghurt and enjoy the taste and the scent of our Oasis 😊


Cherry Orange Yoghurt Mini Recipe.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 391.8 KB


I wish you lots of fun with it.

Hugs and Kisses



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