Trixilie`s River Cruise

Trixilie`s River Cruise

Beatrice Winkel - Trixilie`s River Cruise
Trixilie`s River Cruise


When I showed you our Bathing Oasis, I mentioned our wonderful river. I want to tell you much more about that river, because the river is for us fairies much more than just a water storage.


Our river starts far left in Berrytholdy – so in the west. There is a huge lake, which I will show you in the next weeks. From that lake the river meanders through beautiful places to the right of Berrytholdy (so to the east). Shortly before the river reaches the very right of Berrytholdy (so the very east of Berrytholdy), it turns up (so to the north) and runs into the ocean. I will show you the ocean also in a few weeks.


The river is very important for us fairies. Because of its water all plants, fruits and vegetables and all the beautiful places in Berrytholdy can grow. We fairies also drink the water. So the river is for us essential and we keep the river clean and celebrate it regular.


These river celebrations are twice a year -once shortly BEFORE we start our fairy hibernation and once shortly AFTER our fairy hibernation. One day before the river celebrations we built delicious rafts and boats. We built the rafts out of carrots, asparagus, rhubarb, green beans or other long-shaped fruit and vegetables. For the boats we use apples, oranges or other round-shaped fruit and vegetables. Therefore we halve it and nibble the inner of the halved fruit or vegetable. At the end we are hanging headfirst in the boats and nibbling and nibbling and nibbling... hihihihihihihi... then you can see just our feet... hihihiihihihihiihi... it looks sooooo funny...

Beatrice Winkel - Trixilie nibbles the apple boat
Trixilie nibbles the apple boat


On the day of the river celebration, all fairies meet at the lake in the west. We lower our self-constructed rafts and boats into water, take our straws (these are rolled up lettuce leaves) and let us drift by the river to the ocean. That is always a big joy. We talk a lot, giggle much more, splash water to each other and drink the river water with our straws. What a joy 😊 Depending on where the river runs through, the water tastes different. Sometimes it tastes deliciously of raspberries, cherries, broccoli, pineapple, basil, pears and and and...

Beatrice Winkel - Trixilie`s River Cruise
Trixilie`s River Cruise


In the picture, you see me how I stand on my green-bean-raft and get drifted by the river. You also see the widest point of the river. There the river makes a large curve and starts to run to the north. Because the river is there so wide, the water runs very slow and we fairies can enjoy the landscape for a long time. On one side of the river leek-palms, broccoli-trees and pineapple-shrubs grow. On the other side are a lot of basil-bushes. The whole landscape shimmers in a lot of different green shades. Each green looks different. From time to time the green is interrupted of the yellow of the pineapples or the brown of the potatoes... beautiful.


After a while on the river, we reach the ocean in the north. As soon as all fairies reached the ocean, we start to flutter with our wings and reach all together with our rafts and boats the beach. There we create a huge bonglitter. That is a bonfire without fire but with glitter. Therefore we place all our wands on one pile and we have a lovely bonglitter. Then we sit around the bonglitter, cut our rafts and boats into pieces, share and eat them, so every fairy can eat a bit of apple, carrot, orange, cucumber and all the other fruit and vegetables.


While we sit together, we sing a lot of fairy songs, tell great stories and amazing adventures.


It is always a wonderful experience and I love to share it with you. So Bea and I created a colouring recipe for a delicious, warm, sweet salad. The salad tastes like the water of the river at the widest point...mmmmmmhhhhh... just delicious 😊 You can download the colouring recipe for free here:

Mini Colouring Recipe - River Salad.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 955.4 KB


I wish you lots of you with it 😊

Hugs and Kisses



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