Trixilie goes diving

Trixilie goes diving

Beatrice Winkel - Trixilie goes diving
Trixilie goes diving

A few weeks ago, I promised you to tell you something about our lake in the south west of Berrytholdy. Today, I like to show you that beautiful lake and all its secrets.


That lake is gigantic and really deep. So a lot of fruit and veggies can swim and dive in it. Yes, I know, in the human world fruit and vegetables don’t do that, but in our fairy world Berrytholdy they love to do so... hihihhii... I already said a lot of times – Berrytholdy is very magical... hihihiiihiii... 😊


You can see all kinds of fruit and vegetables swimming in the lake: for example tomato fish, cucumber eels, dragon fruit fish, mushroom jellyfish, lemon fish and so on. On the ground grow some kind of asparagus, artichokes and other delicious vegetables.


It is such a great pleasure - every time when I dive in the lake I see different fruit and vegetables swimming around. It looks like an enormous soup... hihihihiihihiihihi... 😊


Besides all the fruit and vegetables in the lake, I also use some vegetables as my diving equipment. In the comic below you can see it much closer. On the beach of the lake are pretty often empty shells which we fairies use as diving goggles – okay, that is no fruit or vegetable, but the rest of the equipment is 😉


Have you ever noticed that you can wag very thin carrot slices? They are strong and flexible, so we fairies use them as flippers. Therefore we cut two carrot slices into flippers – of course very carefully. To get enough air under the water, we also always create a snorkel. It is made of the green of a spring onion, so the air taste a bit spicy... hiihihiiiiihiii... 😊


As soon as I created all of my diving equipment items, I change my dress and put on the diving equipment in the dressing room. At the beach of the lake are a lot of peppers, which we use as dressing rooms. After changing my clothes, I waddle with my carrot flippers into the lake. That looks always pretty funny – like a big duck... hihiiihiihhihi... 😊


When I am in the lake, I always start my lake adventure with snorkelling. The underwater landscape looks so beautiful viewed from above. After a while, I dive deeper and sometimes I even dive to the ground of the lake. But before I start to dive, I take a deeeeeep breath. Then I put my chin on my chest and wag with my flippers. As soon as I feel the desire to breathe again, I look up to the sun, wag my flippers and when the top of my snorkel is in the air, I blow the water out of my snorkel and take a deep breath.


You see our lake is really magical. Have you ever seen such a great and delicious lake? Perhaps as a soup, but please don’t dive in a soup – it is too delicious, so eat it 😉


As I already said above, you find here the free Mini Colouring Comic. Just click on the picture and you can download it:


free Mini Colouring Comic - Trixilie goe
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 715.8 KB


I wish you lots of fun with it.

Hugs and Kisses



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