Trixilie and her sharing-dream-place

Trixilie and her sharing-dream-place

Beatrice Winkel - Trixilie and her sharing-dream-place
Trixilie and her sharing-dream-place


You probably noticed that we Berrytholdy fairies hibernate most of the winter time. Now I show you how we hibernate and what we do in that time.


First of all, even for the hibernation we have a special place in Berrytholdy, called sharing-dream-place. There are a lot of comfortable beds, which are made of a lot of fruit and vegetables. Each fairy has their own bed. My bed is made of pineapple, carrots and red cabbage, my pillow is a rolled red lettuce leave and my blanket is a cabbage leave. All the beds are placed in a big circle. In the middle of the circle is our big dream rose.


Our hibernation starts after we celebrated the beginning of winter. Then every fairy goes home, prepares their home for the winter time, takes the favourite sleeping dress and goes to the sharing-dreams-place. There, every fairy slips into the sleeping dress, kisses the big dream rose and goes to bed. Hour by hour, all fairies go to bed that way.


It is important to kiss the rose. With the kiss starts the connection between fairy and rose. So during the hibernation the fairy can send feelings to the rose to say “Please share my dreams with the other fairies.” or “Please don´t share the feeling with the other fairies.”. Yes, the rose is able to connect our dreams to a really big dream. That is why the rose is called “big dream rose” 😉


Probably that way of dreaming is totally new for you. So let me explain. The rose is a dream connecter. Every time, a fairy enters the sharing-dreams-place, kisses the rose and sends the feeling “please share my dreams with the other fairies”, the rose connects the dreams of the fairies who did the same. For example the first fairy wants to dream about a beach and the second fairy wants to dream about butterflies. The rose combines both dreams to one – maybe butterflies flying at the beach. When the third fairy wants to dream about cherries, the butterflies are perhaps made of cherries. In that way we can share a lot of great experiences and adventures. Isn´t it that magical? We fairies love our rose, because of it. Even during the hibernation we can share our thoughts.


We can use the sharing-dreams-place all over the seasons – not only during the winter time. Every time it is the same procedure. We often use this way of communication when words are not enough to explain something. It helps a lot to understand each other better.


Sadly, I can´t give you such a rose. It is unique and can only life in Berrytholdy. But, I can help you to fall asleep much better. When Bea or I can`t fall asleep, we have a special sleeping method – we count sheep. Bea created a Mini Colouring Comic of that sleeping method. You can download it for free:

Mini Comic - Trixilie wants to sleep.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 874.1 KB


I wish you a great sleep with these cute sheep😊

Hugs and Kisses


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