Trixilie’s Balloon Flight

Trixilie’s Balloon Flight

Beatrice Winkel - Trixilie’s Balloon Flight
Trixilie’s Balloon Flight


Do you know the feeling, when you look up to the sky and you imagine flying like a bird into the sky, between all the fluffy clouds? I have it a lot of times. Well, we fairies of Berrytholdy have wings to fly, but we just can fly to the top of a tree. Yes, that is very high, but not high enough to fly between clouds. To fulfil such wish (a lot of fairies have it) we created a special place in Berrytholdy. But that happened by accident.


At the beginning of Berrytholdy, we fairies didn´t know all the special places in Berrytholdy. Once a fairy went for a little stroll. She walked in the north of the fairy village and suddenly a strong wind took her into the air. The wind was so strong that the fairy was pretty fast between the clouds. After a while the wind stopped and she could fly back to the ground. She ran to the village and told all the other fairies from that strong wind. All together walked to that windy place and tried to understand why such strong winds are there. Because we fairies love adventures, we love to try new things and we really wanted to understand why these winds are there, we started a great experiment at that place. (By the way, if you like experiments and want to become a flavour researcher, try the free food game Flavour Experiment.)


To test, how strong the winds are and how high the winds could take, we put a lot of different fruit and vegetables there and watched what happened with them. We didn´t want to test it with a fairy. The first fairy was still a bit confused... Firstly we placed a few peas with a long stick there. Peas are so wonderful small. What should I say? The peas were toooooo light. The winds took them up in just a moment and the peas flew really fast into the sky. It was just like wooshhhh...


Than we tried pears and strawberries. They flew much slower and really high. After a while they sank slowly down, pretty close to the place where they started to fly up. “Perfect!” said one fairy “We fairies are to light for the winds, but together with some fruit or vegetable we could travel to the sky!” All fairies were excited and from that day on we tried a lot of different constellations of fruit and vegetables. We use them as some kind of balloon. How funny 😊


Beatrice Winkel - Trixilie’s Balloon Flight
Trixilie’s Balloon Flight


One day we tried a melon, but it was too heavy and didn’t fly... until... I had a delicious idea. I cut a little hole of my size into the melon and started to eat the sweet part of the melon inside. Other fairies helped me and after a while we sat happily with a lot of melon in our bellies in the hollowed melon. After a little sleep, we climbed out of the melon, rolled the melon to the wind place and the melon flew up into the sky. The melon was light enough to get taken away by the winds... yiipppiiiieee... it worked! After it landed at the down-wind-place, we prepared it with a banana as a balloon, rolled it to the up-wind-place and enjoyed wonderful balloon flights.


We love to fly with our balloons up into the sky. In the picture you can see our balloons. The added swings under the fruits help us to sit comfortably and to enjoy the beautiful view. Between the clouds I always think of cauliflower – clouds look similar to it 😊


Bea and I created a free pdf for you, so you can create your own fruity balloon. Which fruit and vegetables do you like to fly? I am so excited to see your fruity balloon 😊 You can download the free pdf here. Just click on the picture:


fruity balloon.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 273.6 KB


I wish you lots of fun with drawing your great fruity balloon and perhaps next time when you look to the clouds you think of cauliflower... hihihhiiihii... 😉


Hugs and Kisses



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