Trixilie and the flowerbed

Trixilie and the flowerbed

Beatrice Winkel - Trixilie and the flowerbed
Trixilie and the flowerbed


When I introduced you to my fairy village and my pear home, I mentioned that we fairies love to see plants grow. To enjoy it much more we have a huge field where all fairies help to let grow plants. Every fairy goes regularly to this field, water the plants, remove dry plant pieces and give them any help they need to grow.


That wonderful field is in south east of Berrytholdy. I love that place. All the plants are a mixture of different fruit and vegetables. There are flowers made of carrots, red radish and peas or made of green beans and sweet corn or made of apples and blueberries or a lot of other delicious fruit and vegetables. On the soft ground are Brussels sprout bushes. The scent is amazing. It is a mixture of all the scents of the fruit and vegetables... mmmhhhh... so delicious...


Every time I want to eat a fruit or vegetable, I fly up to a blossom, take the fruit or vegetable, fly back to the ground and eat the picked fruit or vegetable. Sometimes, the flowers let one or two of the fruit and vegetable fall to the ground. Then we just can pick them from the ground and can enjoy the delicious taste of it – without any flying... hihihiihihihi... so easy... hiihihiihi...


When a flower lost a fruit or vegetable or when we took one, it grows back during one week. That is pretty amazing – especially because the flowers are gigantic! So they have to put a lot of energy into the new fruit and vegetable. That is really hard work for the plant and we fairies are deeply thankful for that wonderful gift the plant gives to us.

Beatrice Winkel - Trixilie and the flowerbed
Trixilie and the flowerbed

In the human world, perhaps you have watched plants growing. There are plants which grow pretty fast, like cress or any other kind of sprouts. But they are pretty small. If you want to eat a bigger plant, it needs a bit more - a lot of time, water, sun, care and bees.


For example an apple is such a big plant. Firstly the apple tree has to grow. After a few years, when the tree is big enough, the first apples can grow. A gardener in the human world explained, that the apples don’t taste the first years. It is like the tree has to learn to create edible apples. So after a really long time with enough water, enough sun and good earth, an apple tree is able to create delicious apples.


You see, every plant, every fruit and every vegetable is a wonder and we are more than just lucky to have the chance to eat such wonderful gifts.


To celebrate that gift, Bea and I created a delicious Colouring Recipe for you. You can download it here for free, just click on the picture:

Mini Comic - Trixilie`s Flower.pdf
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I wish you a wonderful time and enjoy the beauty of plants, fruit and vegetables.

Hugs and Kisses


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