Trixilie and her fruit beings

Trixilie and her fruit beings

Trixilie and her fruit beings - Beatrice Winkel
Trixilie and her fruit beings


Some people say fairies are cheeky, love to play tricks and are playful. I think most of the fairies just love to laugh, love to learn new things and love to create. That is why we discover everything and when there is nothing new to discover we create situation to learn something new 😉 We even create a new-adventure-place in Berrytholdy. There we can create nearly every adventure.


To create an adventure, one of the fairies writes an adventure story. That can last two or three days or even weeks. After the story is written, other fairies get invited. Every one of them gets a specific character to play. The fairy who invited and wrote the story explains also how the place has to look like. All together create the place, so it looks like in the written adventure. After that, the fairies change their clothes so they look like their specific roll.


When the place is finished prepared and all fairies wear their costumes, the adventure starts. The fairy who wrote everything is the storyteller. The storyteller starts to read out loud the adventure and every time the roll of a fairy is mentioned, the specific fairy acts like the storyteller reads. The great thing is that every fairy improvises its dialogs. So a lot of time funny dialogues happen and we often laugh and giggle about it. These are the best moments 😊


For the last adventure, a few fairies and I created fruit beings. The story was about a huge book where these fruit beings lived in and every time someone opened the book, the person was suddenly inside the book. After a lot of adventures, the person found a way out of the book. That was a great play and all fairies enjoyed it.


That is such a great way to enjoy adventures together 😊 Perhaps you like to do so too? Just write an adventure story, invite friends, create a bit of the surrounding suitable for your story and start to play it. Bea and I created a little helper for you to write a story a bit easier. You can download it for free. Just click on the picture:

My Adventure.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 544.9 KB


If you can´t write, just imagine a beautiful story in your mind. Perhaps you can ask someone else, who writes the story for you.


If you don´t know how to start with a full story, you can imagine short adventures. Perhaps a few adventures about the person in the fruit being world


And if you started to imagine and write an adventure story, but it feels difficult for you – it is okay. Imagining, writing and telling a story needs a bit practice. So keep on trying and someday you will see it becomes much easier 😉


I wish you lots of fun with your short, long, funny, adventures or spooky stories 😊


Hugs and Kisses


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