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An easy-peasy violet breakfast 😊

Beet roots and kidney beans are the best friends 😉

This tomato vanilla marmalade with basil is great. Yes, tomato marmalade. It taste delicious to bred, muffins, noodles and everything you also like to eat 😊 And the recipe is quite simple.

Sometimes we have just 10 minutes to prepare a delicious breakfast. This recipe will help you 😊

I know it sounds a bit unusual, but it is really tasty and I think you should try it out 😉

a red and spicy version of hummous...

Okay, it doesn’t look really sexy, but it tastes great. Especially after long days or as breakfast 😊

A delicious (slightly sweet) hummous...

The best start ever... a white breakfast :)

Do you like colourful meals? What´s about a green breakfast ;)

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