Easter is the beginning of spring. That means it is the time of blossoms, fresh greens and flowers. So we thought Flower Muffins would be great for your Easter 😊

This jam is a glass full of spring. Choose your favourite berries and create with your little darling a delicious spring jam 😊

When you think of Easter, what springs to mind? We think on rabbits and hunting Easter gifts. This cake is a little tribute for the all the Easter Bunnies and Easter Hunting Games – a delicious hidden bunny cake 😉

Ladybugs are a typical Easter decoration. So let´s bake green ladybugs muffins... mmmhhh... delicious 😉 The muffins are totally green (the dough is with peas and the topping with avocado) and on top sits a cute ladybug. A sweet and fresh combination...

These Muffins have apple inside and outside... delicious 😊

Another favourite German cake as a delicious cupcake 😊

A favourite German cake as a delicious cupcake 😊

We weren´t sure what it is... a muffin or a brownie. So we called Brownie Muffin 😊

This recipe is a wonderful combination of apples, cherries and chocolate. Yumm Yumm Yumm 😊

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