For Adults:


Nice to see you. On that page, you will find a lot of support to integrate more fruit and vegetables in your daily life. You can find: a cooking course, recipes for your daily life, recipes for cooking, meal plans (supper meal plans, week meal plans), and books.


We wish you lots of fun.


Cooking course:


A lot of adults have never learnt how to cook and bake. If you are one of them, we will help you. At the moment we are working on an online cooking course, which will teach you how to cook step by step – very fast and easy.


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Recipes for your daily life:

The daily life is often hectic and full, so you haven´t much time for you. That´s why Bea shows you tricks to make your everyday life easier on her blog approx. once a month. At the end of every blog post you find a corresponding beautiful drawn pdf file with the tricks, which you can download for free and print. So you have the tricks always at hand. Curious? Than have a look at Bea´s blog ;)



Here are the most popular blog posts:

We start with the fulfilling of your wishes. The results of the last newsletter-survey carried out that you want new recipes, which help you to fulfil your New Year resolution “I eat more vegetables!”. Of course, these recipes have to be easy to prepare, cheap and no frills. So I choose five of my favourite recipes, which are easily to prepare, very delicious and super cheap. Read on...



“I want to eat more fruit and vegetables!” I hear that sentence pretty often and I think you too. General, it is a nice wish. Although a lot of people have such a wish, most of them don’t realise it. That’s why I’ll show you (below) a few ideas, how you can integrate more fruit and vegetables in your daily life. Read on...


Who doesn’t know that: You made the decision to eat more fruit and vegetables, you know which fruit and vegetables you like to eat, you already shopped everything and chopped it into practical small pieces and placed them into food containers. But then during your work routine, between all your appointments and juggling work, family and private life, you have no time to eat all the fruit and vegetables. All the chewing needs too much time 😉 Read on...

Recipe for cooking:

Here we show you what you can prepare with all the fruit and vegetables. The ingredients are just plant based – so a lot of fruit and vegetables ;)

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Meal plans:

Imagine, how easy life could be, if you just have to shop and cook once a week, but you have delicious daily meals. That´s why we created following meal plans – just for you:



Supper Meal Plans: after a very busy day, the supper plans help you to give you and your family a delicious meal very quickly. Following the principle of 1x shopping + 1x cooking = 5x suppers. Read more...



Week Meal Plans: go a step further. They help you to create a delicious breakfast, lunch, snack and supper for every day of the week. Also following the principle of 1x shopping + 1x cooking = 7 days delicious food. Read more...


Books for big and small ones:

Weather colouring recipes with step-by-step-pictures or Trixilie´s comics, these books aren´t just cute, they help your little darling (and also the big ones) to eat more fruit and vegetables with a lot of fun. Your kid will also learn how to cook – in a very playful way: little colouring pictures explain everything, the little fairy gives a lot of hints and shows her adventures with fruit and vegetables. So it is very easy for little and big chefs to cook all the recipes on their own or together with you and their self-confidence increases.


...and by the way, these books are great birthday presents for the friends of your little darling ;)


coming soon :)