For Kids:



Nice to see you.

The fairy Trixilie created a little paradise for you on this page. You can find: the fairy Trixilie and her world, food games, colourful recipes and adventures at home.


We wish you lots of fun.


Trixilie´s World:


Trixilie is a small fairy from Berrytholdy. Berrytholdy is a fairy land, where the fairies can eat everything: paths, houses, fences... After Trixilie discovered the human world for a while and wrote a lot about it, she invites you into her fairy land. Every two weeks, she shows you a new part of Berrytholdy. For each part of her fairy land you can download a free colouring comic or colouring recipe and you can watch a video, where Bea read out loud Trixilie´s stories as a bedtime-story.

Here you can see the fairy land Berrytholdy and Trixilie´s adventures in the human world (click!).


Food Games:


Trixilie loves to play games and she loves fruit and vegetables. So she invented amazing food games. Check it out, print the corresponding pages for free and play the food games. We wish you lots of fun :)



Eat colours:

Eat colours is a really simple game. You choose one colour: "Today, we will eat just green/white/yellow..." and for the whole day you look for fruit and vegetables in this colour. For example, you choose green, so you eat as many green things as possible: apples, cucumbers, beans, broccoli, pears, grapes, kiwis, avocados, peas, melons, peppers and so on.


Flavour Researcher:

This game is about your favourite meal and how you can find a lot of delicious versions of it.

The best thing is, you are a flavour researcher!

Like any other researcher, you and your assistant (perhaps you mum, dad, uncle, aunt, friend,...) will carry out different tests and write all the results in an experiment book. The research subject is (of course) your favourite meal.



I eat rainbows:

Okay, I don´t mean the real rainbows in the sky... but wait... in Trixilie´s world, Berrytholdy, it is possible ;)

With a little bit of magic you could eat real rainbows - even in the human world. And that´s what this food game is about - a bit of magic...


Let´s eat colours:


Because Trixilie loves to eat rainbows, we created a lot of colourful recipes. If you wish, you can prepare these recipes at home.

Here you find all the colourful recipes: green, white, yellow, orange, red, violet.


Or do you like to cook these recipes? baked, chocolate, dessert.

Adventures at home:


Trixilie loves to have adventures, to cook and to colour. If you like, you can have the adventures along with Trixilie at your home.


Coming soon :)