Our letters for you:

"Letters are visits, which allows us to be at any place at the same time." (Anke Maggauer-Kirsch)


That is why we (Trixilie & Bea) love to write emails (electronic letters). They are personal, give much pleasure and encourage us to engage in fascinating dialogues, which could lead to wonderful relationships – and wonderful relationships create a better world ;)

Beatrice Winkel - letter motivation

Our “electronic letters“ invite you to become part of this dialogue.

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All newsletter subscribers have access to our Library, where a Supper Plan (plant based) for 1, 2, 3, and 4 persons is with a shopping list, cooking list and recipes (Following the principle of 1x shopping + 1x cooking = 5 delicious suppers).


Some important facts about our “electronic letters” (newsletter):


Which contents are in the letters?

This is quite varied. Sometimes we write about our daily life, give you a little view about our life behind that webpages, send you a few inspirations, make you smile or embrace you from the distance. So, like in a letter between friends.


From time to time we also write something about a new product. After all, we put a lot of work into it and when we finished one, we are over the moon and very proud, so we want to talk about it – of course ;) We also love to give little present. So, now and then, we have little present for you in the letters :)


PLUS: All newsletter subscribers have access to our Library, where a Supper Plan (plant based) for 1, 2, 3, and 4 persons is with a shopping list, cooking list and recipes (Following the principle of 1x shopping + 1x cooking = 5 delicious suppers) and an Easter Post Card.



For whom are these letters?

We write the letters for mummies, daddies, non-mummies and non-daddies (so all adults) who want to eat much more fruit and vegetables. But who are also interested in simple habits for an easy life.



When do you send the letters?

Once a week, you receive a very short letter with the newest blog article. Every second or third week, we write a much longer personal letter. It depends if something interesting happens in our life and how fast we can put it into a lovely letter.



How do you send the letters?

We use the German-based provider “CleverReach”. It stores the email addresses and further information on sending and analysis of the newsletter (for example, if you opened the letter, if you clicked on a link). That means your data will be stored on a server in Germany. You can read much more about it in our Privacy Police.



How can I unsubscribe the letters?

We are located in the EU, so to officially join the list and get all of our letters, you'll receive a double-opt-in-email (when you sign in). So we make sure, that you definitely want to receive our letters.  At the bottom of every our letters you'll find a link that you can click to automatically unsubscribe - anytime.



Privacy Police:

You can read much more about the whole process in our Privacy Policy.


A Sneak Preview of one of our letters:

Newsletter from the 28th of March 2019:


Hi Love,

Unbelievable, a few weeks ago we came out of our fairy-hibernation and time just went by. But we enjoyed the time and learned a lot of new things. As always we want to share it with you.


This person inspired us

For some time, we follow Ruth Krijah on Patreon (www.patreon.com/ruthkrijah ). There she shares everything with her patreons about her art (Dreamboards, Spirit Pebbles, Youniverse Paintings,...) But she also share her thoughts and struggles and how she integrate it into her art. Her Monthly Artist's Diaries inspired Trixilie and me to this structure of our personal letters. She inspires us mostly with her personal attitude to handle life. She tries to learn from every problem (and shares it with her patreons). It doesn’t matter what life brings her, she takes it and integrate it in her art. Amazing. Drop by and have a look, perhaps there is also something for you: This is her Patreon-Page: www.patreon.com/ruthkrijah and that is her Art-Page: ruthkrijah.com/


That went wrong

We tried again to prepare a veggi-burger... and it didn’t work again... Either the veggie-burger are too soft in the middle, don’t taste or crumple into pieces...

The last veggie-burgers were made of green peas, white beans (mashed), oats (soaked), herbs, spices and mustard. When we put them into the form they looked great, even when we placed them into the hot pan, but when we tried to turn it, it crumbled into pieces... again... But we won’t give up. Someday we will find a good recipe 😉 Or do you know one?


We are delighted about

Spring is coming 😊 It is our absolutely favourite season. So we really enjoy the amount of colourful spring flowers (crocuses, tulips, daffodils,...), cute small buds and the soft green on trees and bushes.


For that, we need a bit of help

We want to support kindergartens, so that the kids have more fun with fruit and vegetables. We already created a lot of free food games, Mini Colouring Comics and Mini Colouring Recipes, but how can we also help? If you are asking yourself, why we want to help kindergartens: We think these places are great for kids to enjoy fruit and vegetables together. So if you have any idea or wish, just let us know (Just click on “answering this mail” and write us your ideas and wishes) We do our best to realize it.


We would like to try...

We often heard something about creamy sauces based on cauliflowers, but we have never eaten it. It is time to change it 😉 We will tell you our experiences 😊


And at the end a little gift for you

Easter is pretty soon. We always use it for a delicious lunch with our beloved. For us, a lovely invitation is also part of it, so we created a cute one. You can download it for free in the Library (the link and the password are like always below at the end of the mail just for our newsletter followers). Just download it, print it, cut it, colour it and send it.


We wish you a wonderful start in the weekend.

Read you soon.

Hugs and Kisses

Trixilie & Bea

P.S.: Here is the newest adventure of Trixilie: www.beatricewinkel.com/2019/03/28/trixilie-s-bathing-oasis/