Colouring Recipe Books

These recipes are so simple that your kids can take their first steps in cookery. In the book is a colouring-picture of the prepared muffins on the left hand page and the corresponding recipe to colour and read on the right hand page.

Because of the little-picture-instruction your child knows exactly how to prepare the muffins and feels like a great baker – even the small ones ;)



Little emotional treats for you and your beloved

These cards put a smile in your face and in the face of your beloved 😊 We wish you lots of fun finding your personal favourite 😉


Supper Meal Plans

What do you think about a Supper-Plan – based on „once a week shopping + once a week cooking = 5 delicious suppers for the whole week“

Imagine, how easy and time-saving it is if you would go shopping and cooking only once a week and you will get 5 delicious suppers for you and your family.


Week Meal Plan

The simplest solution to eat more fruit and vegetables!

once a week shopping + once a week cooking = delicious meals for the whole week (breakfast, snack, lunch and supper for 7 days)


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