… little emotional treats for you and your beloved.



These cards put a smile in your face and in the face of your beloved 😊 We wish you lots of fun finding your personal favourite 😉


Here are the cards:

You are perfect - Cards

You are perfect is a series which is inspired by the beauty of fruit and vegetables. It shows that every shape, taste and size is perfect – everyone in their own very individual way.


These cards are a symbol for you and your dearest to love you as you are, because you are perfect. So send the card (with a lovely text) to your dearest or place the card in your home as a reminder of your beauty.


This You are perfect-card-series was created in the summer 2019. Every drawing is drawn by hand by me (Beatrice Winkel) with aquarelle pencils on aquarelle paper (you can watch the drawing-videos below). After that all drawings were transformed into cards.


There are 10 themes:

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What does the card-sets contain?

Each card-set is a bit different (you can read the details above), but all the card-sets have the following features in common:


These themes are hand drawn and hand written with aquarelle pencils on aquarelle paper and converted to cards


you get 10 cards each set – you can choose between one theme OR all themes in one set


card size: 4.13 x 5.83 in / 10.5 x 14.8 cm (A6 size)


printed on thick paper (300g/m²) (matt, white, certified by the FSC)



How can I use these cards?

Send the card with a lovely text (as card or postcard) to your dearest or place the card in your home as a reminder of your beauty.


The last question: where can I get these Cards?

That´s really easy, push the pink button and you will transfer to the Cards in our Etsy-Shop.

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