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Welcome to Trixilie’s page. Here you find Trixilie´s first adventures in the human world and Trixilie´s fairy world Berrytholdy.

Trixilie tastes England

Have you ever visited England? It is a beautiful country. Bea had a dream to travel with just a rucksack through England and I was totally thrilled to enjoy all the new tastes of this country. We wanted to be as close as possible to the English daily life. So, for eight months, we travelled as house and cat sitter through England. Here I will tell you ll about our adventures:

Trixilie´s fairy world Berrytholdy

After Bea and I came back from our England journey in 2018, I realised that I never told you much about my fairy world. So it is time to do so. On this map, you can discover all places of my fairy world Berrytholdy. Every second week, I show you one special place, explain why it is so important and give you something special for your home (a free printable colouring comic related to the special place and a video about the whole story as a good night story (is coming soon)).


I wish you lots of fun with discovering :)

Hugs and Kisses



Trixilie's world Berrytholdy

Trixilie´s first adventures in the human world

How it all started:

When Trixilie flew into the Bea´s life, the little fairy turned Bea´s life upside down. In the first four blog posts Bea describes that time:


Trixilie’s first adventures:

Just arrived in the human world, Trixilie has one adventure after another. In the following blog posts Trixilie writes about these adventures. At the end of every adventure you can download a free colouring comic:



Fairy Trixilie counts watermelon seeds 😊 so cute 😊