Our mission:

BeatriceWinkel.com exists to support you and your family to eat and live a healthy life – full of fruit and vegetables. We do it, because we believe that every big chance in the world starts with small steps at home. When you start to change your food habits, your loved ones around you will do it too.



Make a change:

Good and healthy food is the basement of a healthy world. When you cook a healthy meal, you give something good to your family and you: you care for them and yourself; you support their and your body with important nutrients; you relax, because all your senses get “food” during you prepare the meal – it is some kind of love.


Your loved ones will learn these healthy food habits, how to cook, how to support themselves and others, how to care for themselves and others and they will carry it into the world and will change the world.


Change steps:



Healthy food gives your body all needed nutrients.


A healthy body is the basement of a healthy mind.


A healthy mind supports healthy relationships.


Healthy relationships create healthy societies and


healthy societies are the basement of a healthy world.


About us:

Trixilie: I am a fairy from Berrytholdy. Berrytholdy is a fairy world in which everything is made of fruits and vegetables, so the fairies could eat and nibble all day long. I love fruits and vegetables – especially raspberries... and rainbows... and blueberries. I help kids to eat more fruit and vegetables, because they are sooooooo delicious... nom nom nom... I also love to discover the human world. You can read of my adventures at my blog and if you like to know more about me you can read an interview with me.


Bea: I am 34 years old and love to discover new things – food, ingredients, people, places or cultures. During my studies (environmental engineering) I learnt how strong we influence the environment and I wanted to change it. Furthermore, since my birth I suffered from neurodermatitis. As an adult I concluded a connection between my food and new acute episodes. My skin became better the less I ate animal products. So it is also important for me to prepare and eat vegan meals. So yes, all the recipes are vegan on these pages. But I don´t want to force anyone to be vegan. I just want to help you to eat more fruit and vegetables, so see my recipes as a hint for you ;) During my journeys I noticed that every person needs different things, has different memories/feelings to food. That´s why I love to talk about food and love to show you lots of different ways to enjoy food.


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